Cyberoam to Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition

Hello all, currently I am using Cyberoam CR50iNG - 10.6.5 as a firewall router for my office, now my office is planning to buy a real SOPHOS XG hardwar device for it's router purpose. 

I haven't subscribed my Cyberoam device since 3 months. So it's acting just like a plain router without any web/application filtering. My question is that can I install Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition on to my Cyberoam CR50iNG device? As Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition don't need any license/subscription to use so that I can leverage web/application filtering.

Thank You


Govinda Thapa


  • Hi Govinda, 

    Apparently, the Migration from Cyberoam to XG is by using an Enterprise SFOS instead of Sophos Home XG version . You may load the OS on VMware or a Desktop with 2 ethernet cards . The appliance Key is separate for Enterprise consoles and Free Home edition.

  • Hi Govinda,

    If we have the old Cyberoam CR25iNG or greater, this is the way to use it to protect our home networks and record on it free home-use XG Firewall Home Edition software. CR25iNG has sufficient parameters for this purpose (Intel 4-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 4GB Flash, 320GB HDD, 4xGbitEth).

    Below the installation procedure for the needy:

    1) Download the current version of XG Firewall Home Edition (SW-SFOS_16.05.6_MR-6-266) in .iso format, burn it to a USB pendrive using the "rufus-2.15" tool to create a loadable image with the DD option,
    2) Connecting the console and USB pendrive to CR25iNG. After powering up the device the firmware from USB will start up, detect resources without problems, format the flash drive and HDD and install it on flash. It takes about 15 minutes.
    3) After reboot is ready to configure (the console is running, there is access to You must pay attention to the order of GEth interfaces - they are in reverse order than described (mirror image).
    4) When we log into the device, we enter the serial number that we received by e-mail when downloading the software. After a positive activation, we register the device on the MySophos panel. CR25iNG synchronizes with MySophos and gets the patterns. All services except Sandstorm are activated.
    5) Then it's the usual configuration of SFOS v16. Everything works for this version.

    The problem at home is the noise generated by the fan in the device. If it is acceptable then ok, if not then we can remove the upper part of the housing and turn off the fan. At ambient temperatures up to 28 C operates.

    The question is:
    - Will SFOS v17 also work on CR25iNG?
    - Is there a way to extend RAM in CR25iNG for increased performance?