CR35ing unexpected restarts

as in the topic in the logs there is no information about the reasons for the restart

I have SFOS 17.5.5 MR-5 installed

but the previous soft was the same.
  • Hi,


    Had similar issues with an upgraded Cyberoam CR35iNG also randomly restarting. It was running V16 Firmware initially and then V17 Firmware.

    When running V17 firmware the unit would randomly restart. With the V16 firmware it was stable.

    The unit was replaced under maintenance, and the replacement unit was unstable under the V17 firmware also. I reverted it back to the V16 firmware and it is usable as a spare.


    On the other side, the CR25iNG seems to run V17 firmware without issue.


    I would suggest reverting the CD35iNG back to firmware V16 and schedule replacement.