CR10iNG to XG

Hi guys,

Could someone has any information about CR10iNG Sophos XG ?

Currently according Sophos KB  this model is not suported.


Contacting our distributor, we are informed that it is needed  buy a new appliance (XG model). 

I think that they are wrong, because we have a lot of devices CR10iNG and this is not a goood solution.


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  • Hi Carlos,

    Rather no chance for CR10iNG to work with SFOS. Too weak processor, not enough memory. The smallest I think is CR25iNG. Some time ago I installed SFOS on it (currently in version 17.5.4-1) and works on a network with several computers.


  • In reply to JanSadlik:

    Hi Jan,

    Thank you by information. But I think that some CR15iNG models support SFOS.

    But my main doubt ... we will need buy other appliances? 




  • In reply to Carlos Cesario:

    Hi Carlos,

    Maybe XG86 or XG106 will be ok for you? Not expensive and efficient enough, SFOS v18 ready. They will be on the market in a few weeks.



  • In reply to JanSadlik:

    Yes Jan,

    I agree. But IMHO the Sophos would have a campaign to provide it, once Cyberoam is Sophos now. eheheh


    Thanks by your greats comments



  • Hi Carlos, 


    Page 5 in the following document from Sophos states that CR10iNG and CR10wiNG WITH HARDWARE VERSION AM04 can be upgraded to Sophos OS.


    Unfortunately my CR10iNG is AM03 so I'll have to buy a Sophos device but hopefully your CR10iNG's are AM04.


    You can check your hardware version by doing the following: 

    1. Logon to CLI Console via Telnet or SSH. You can also access the CLI Console by clicking     on the upper right corner of the Web Admin Console screen. 


         From firmware version 10.6.1 onwards, the Console button is visible to the Super Administrator ONLY

    2  Choose option 4. Cyberoam Console.

    3. Execute the following command to show all version information: 

          console> cyberoam diagnostics show version-info



    Hope that helps.