I migrated my CR500iNG-XP to SOFOS but I now have Sophos XG330 which I cannot move the backup of CR500iNG-XP into. What can I do please?

Dear all,


I needed to migrate the configuration of the CR500 SOFOS software to the new XG 330 SOFOS especially the firewall rules which are in hundreds.


Thank you.

  • Hey Adewale,

    have you tried import/export?

    go to backup and firmware > import/export. 

    export the selective configuration. 

    if you want to migrate the firewall rules, ensure you have below configuration same as another FW

    1. Zones

    2. Services

    3. Web filter policies

    4. IPS

    5. Application policies

    6. IP host/MAC hosts/ FQDN, etc

    7. Traffic shapping policies

    8. custom NAT policy

    then take a backup of the firewall rules (its called security policy) - refer screen below

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    I copied the exported file (Security Policy) but it failed when I tried to apply it on the XG 330.


    Any other suggestion please?



  • In reply to Adewale Adebayo:

    Hi Adewale,

    Could you share the firmware version for CR SFOS and XG SFOS? Also, kindly note the backup compatibility works when taken backup from SFOS and migrated to SFOS. 

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    Both of the devices are running SFOS 17.5.0 GA and the backup is done on CR with SFOS running on it.