ssl vpn remote session

hello, i have question about an XG firewall .... i have successfully configured an xg firewall on my PC till now i was able to take all my servers via remote at home untill today...i have issue of ssl vpn keep asking the username password continuesly and i would like to know that how much users i will be able to use under ssl vpn remote access

  • Hi Jay ,

    It should handle 100 concurrent connections, could you check if the reason for not able to authenticate with SSL VPN client. Also, let us know the model  and concurrent internal users as well .

  • In reply to Aditya Patel:

    CR25iNG (C06616499917-QU9MS9) this is my firewall model number . so as you said , i am just asking that , the cyberoam that i have it comes with limited number of users. so are you saying that my internal company's users , suppose i have 40 users internally connected with firewall that falls under different category , and the SLL users that i have created under remote ssl this have any connection somwhow...