Rdweb apps not working on IPSEC site to site VPN

We upgraded from cyberoam devices to sophos recently. We now face challenges with accessing rdweb apps from the branch. The Rds server is located at HQ. The firewall rules for LAN to VPN and VPN to LAN are set to allow all traffic and any services.  However now we can authenticate to the rdweb site but then when trying to run the rd apps it gives the error below. Everything was working fine before the upgrade.  The HQ is on cyberoam CR200ing while the branch is on Sophos XG210. Any leads are appreciated.


  • Had the HQ firewall been XG

    If the server is public facing use this Article to setup your RD Gateway with a WAF rule, and have your remote site use the gateway, not the tunnel.


    This article has been updated with a combined rule option.


    Since its not and your passing all RD Gateway traffic through the tunnel, you need to supply more information about your firewall rules, your tunnel config, and how your connecting to the RD web site / RD Gateway at the HQ.