Only allow whatsapp traffic and all other traffic is deny in XG sophos firewall

Hi Team,


i have a question, please guide how can i allow only whatsapp traffic in mobiles phones and nothing else.


i am using Sophos XG 330 Firewall Version: 16.5. 

  • Ali,

    use this KB:

    but instead of copying from Allow ALL copy from Deny All and choose what'sapp application where the action is allowed. Then follow the rest of the guide.


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    Thanks for your reply LUK but can you please more clarify i cant understand how to do this. 

  • Hi Shahzad ,

    You may need to create a rule to based on MAC address or IP address and list down the Phones used in your organization and create an Application filter suggested by Luk,

    Steps Go to Applications > Application Filter > Add > Choose Template Deny All > Save > Open the Application filter created and > Add Signatures/Applications you wish to allow and Save it.

    Application Filter created. Now you may need to test with a single phone and check if it works or not. If not Check the Log Viewer > Application Filter and see what applications are blocked while accessing WhatsApp . You may need to filter the Source and destination address of the device you are testing with. 

    Add the Applications onto the policy created and save it. Test again and repeat until you are able to operate the application without any issues. 

    Now Add the phones via MAC/host address if you choose Host address make sure that the IP allocation via DHCP is Static so the devices are assigned the same IP and will follow the rule. 

    you may need to consider the rule order prioritizes from top to bottom so keep the mobile rule on the top and add the devices as you would discover in your WIFI network.

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    @Aditya Thanks for your kind reply.

    i will checked and reply you soon about your solution. I hope it will be work...