SFOS 16.05.6 MR-6 Broken STAS?

Hi All,


We have an XG 230 that I upgraded the firmware on. Since then users are getting the authentication pop up from the XG where others are fine.

Rebooting their PC fixes some so it might lead to a fresh login event fixing it. The Firewall shows them logging in but then logging out and then I get a Authentication fail.

Seems STAS is working for many but randomly fails others since the Firmware update.

I run two DCs with STAS enabled (Latest version of STAS) and I can see live users active yet others not. The inactivity time outs are set high so they would need to walk away for a few hours to be timed out.

EDIT: I disabled the Inactivity time out but still have the issue.


The logs just show NTML Client failed to Authenticate

Anyone else having this issue?



Edit: I can see a few others having the same since the update so I will roll back my Firmware for now until a fix is released.

  • In reply to dna:

    Did anyone load it that was having STAS issues to ensure the fix did indeed fix it?

    As I only have one live production system I hate to "try" stuff.

  • Hello,


    MR8 is here and is working for us the authentication bug is fixed !!! 

    It important that Sophos understand that we find pity the lack of reactivity for fixing this bug.

    We had to wait 3 updates and long weeks.

    We had to explain to our final customers who did not understand Sophos' slow response to such a major problem, we lost a lot of time and money trying to find intermediate solutions (sometimes by removing the security of authentication at the client) ...

    Please for the future, take more importance for that kind of problem, it should be a priority.

    Thanks in advance. Regards.


  • In reply to FrançoisMORANO:

    you should take note of the amount of time you spent to fix this bug and the "pain" the Partner has paid.

    Thanks FrançoisMORANO for reporting back.