Sophos Connect: No response from gateway

Hi everyone,


I'm a user of Sophos Connect VPN and I'm having constant issues where I've been unable to connect to my workplace's VPN. The error I get is 'No response from gateway <ip address>, as seen below.


I've contacted my IT department who reckon it's an isp issue, but I'm not 100% sure. At times I can log on without issue and at other times it doesn't work at all. At my previous premises with the same internet plan and infrastructure I had no issues logging on at all.


Any help would be much appreciated.



  • Hi  

    Thank you for reaching out to the Comunity! 

    Is the UDP port 500 allowed by your ISP? If yes, do you see traffic from your public IP address on the XG firewall when you try to connect? 

    Use the following KBA to run a packet capture on your public IP address and share the output:


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    Hi H_Patel,


    I attempted to open Port 500 through the modem and it appeared to work for the first couple of days, however it's once again not responding to the gateway so I'm back to square one.


    I don't the XG Firewall; only Sophos Connect so I can't run the packet capture.


    Any other tips to resolve the problem?



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    You should interact with your IT department. As they the only who can prove, your requests arrives or not. 

    Is your gateway a IP Address or DNS Name?