XG Firewall - More Terrible Issues / STAS / Authentication Issue / Host IP for Administrator shows as the XG IP Address

I continue to dislike the XG methodology compared to the UTM 9.x but, nonetheless, i have deployed these XG125 units and enabled STAS according to the instructions, all seems to be working, EXCEPT, that the single Domain Controller i have at where the STAS Agent is running and configured properly and Audit Logons and Logoffs is setup, etc.  No matter what i do, try test, the Administrator when they login will reflect in the XG "Live Users" list as

administrator@ad.domainname.com <----WTH is this?  When I login to the DC where the STAS is setup and running, it reflects on the XG this way instead of where the DC actually is located.

I hope Sophos realizes that they either need to implement the method used by UTM9.x in some form or fashion or shine this terrible STAT method up.  There is just too much troubleshooting to get this working in a brand new environment.