Live Users Disappearing - Heartbeat

I have Live Users registered both through Heartbeat and STAS. Those PCs with Heartbeat (Sophos Endpoint Intercept-X) are excluded from STAS so the two mechanisms don't clash. I am finding that although the users appear in Live Users when they log on, they then disappear (about 10-30 minutes) even though the user is still logged on to the PC.

This applies to both Heartbeat and STAS but rather than confuse the two issues I thought it best to concentrate on one at a time, hence this post dealing with the Heartbeat issue. I have read through lots of posts on the forum but can't find anything that will help me investigate this problem further. I can't find any explanation how Heartbeat and Live Users works so I am at a bit of a loss how to progress this.

On the XG, Heartbeats shows 7 connected. I believe this is the correct number but it would be useful if there was a way to display the PC names that this number corresponds to, rather than just a number! As the XG seems to correctly identify the clients, there doesn't appear to be a connectivity issue between the client and the XG.

  • Got no answers here so I opened a support case.

    The reason this was happening was because I had set the "Maximum session time-out" to 30 minutes. I thought this setting would only apply to conventional logins but it also applies to 'Live Users' too (whether through heartbeat or STAS) which is why they were disappearing.

    On v18 the setting is under Authentication-->Services