Access Rights for a AD Group

We are currently migrating our existing SG to XG.

We used to have a AD Group with all technicians and granted all of them read-only access. The option was set under Management>Webadmin Settings> Access control

On the XG however i can also create authentication profiles but i can not assign them to a group. I have to manually assign it to every user which is a bit annoying as users are only synced from AD as soon as the user logs in. What is the right way to assign these right to everyone without waiting for them to use it once?

  • That is the correct approach to XG right now. You could automate this with a script, if you like. 

    In the future, you will be able to setup the RBAC (rolebased access control) of Central to your XG Firewalls. So the users will be able to perform certain tasks on Central level and access XG but only read only.