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I want to create a group and add users to this group and create a policy based on the group type. however whenever a user sign in the user falls into default domain group. for authentication i use STAS. this is straight forward but Sophos i don't know why so complicated please am tired reading the KB don't give me any link please help me if you can?

  • Default Group is only important for the group related content such as Hotspot and stuff like that.
    Firewalling and Web Authentication on the other hand know all groups attached to this user. So you can simply use the other groups, even if this user is not in the group. 

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    I don't think so. I create test group add myself in this group. when i sign in it immediately falls to the default group and i tried blocking LAN to WAN by selecting Match known user and adding the test group. however still i can access internet 

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    Did you import the Group from AD? 

    Did you place the Firewall Rule to block this user on top? 

    How did you block the user? By Webfilter or Firewall? 

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    Yes i already imported the group. i was testing using my PC and the rule was in the first. i select the mach known user and drop LAN to WAN rule but it doesn't work. it prompts me to login to access internet after i login i was able to access interne while the rule is drop

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    You get a Login? That means XG is trying to authenticate you with another method. Which credentials do you give XG with this Login?

    As this Prompt could be ether Kerberos/NTLM or Captive Portal, it is hard to tell, what is happening in your case.