After upgrading from 17.5.11 MR-11 to 17.5.12 MR-12 no captchas visible.

Hi there,

after upgrading from 17.5.11 MR-11 to 17.5.12 MR-12 no captchas visible.
Not even with the WAN User Portal. Does that have to be so, or is there a separate switch in the MR12?
Respectively, bug with:

  • service tomcat:restart -ds nosync
  • service apache:restart -ds nosync

for any help here.

  • Hi  

    I would request you to share the output of the command from Sophos XG SSH CLI Console

    • console> system diagnostics show version-info
  • In reply to Keyur:


    Page today captchas are visible again, also on User Portal.
    The behavior of the Sophos XG Firewall, at least in this case, cannot really be understood.
    How can that be, is it related to the last hotfix or any other conclusive explanation.


  • In reply to Keyur:

    We have exactly the same problem. Below is the result of the show version-info command.

    Serial Number:                  C182xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Device-Id:                      3551b9a3834553282d630f526cd49678d4ae            
    Appliance Model:                CR100iNG                                        
    Firmware Version:               SFOS 17.5.12 MR-12.HF043020                     
    Firmware Build:                 664                                             
    Firmware Loader version:        0x00000005                                      
    HW version:                     CA01                                            
    Config DB version:              17.319                                          
    Signature DB version:           17.319                                          
    Report DB version:                17.319                                        
    Webcat Signature version:                                       
    Web Proxy version:              compiled                                        
    SMTP Proxy version:             1.0                                             
    POP/IMAP Proxy version:                                       
    Logging Daemon version:                                        
    AP Firmware:                    10.0.001                                        
    ATP:                            1.0.0299                                        
    Authentication Clients:         1.0.0019                                        
    IPS and Application signatures: 9.17.11                                         
    Sophos Connect Clients:         1.4.001                                         
    RED Firmware:                   2.0.010                                         
    Sophos AV:                      1.0.15635                                       
    SSLVPN Clients:                 1.0.007                                         
    WAF:                            1.0.0006                                        
    Hot Fix version:                1 

  • In reply to MichalKawecki:

    ... and 5 minutes later the problem resolved itself. Magic.