Disable Configuration for IPsec VPN client for Apple iOS - VPN User Portal



I would like to know how I can disable the visibility of "Configuration for IPsec VPN client for Apple iOS" in the sophos vpn portal.

We use mostly the sophos connect client for our Users which is only available in the XG and not in the user portal.

So the VPN Connection works with password and pre-shared key only because we have disabled the SSL VPN Access. Its similiar to a MFA.

Windows clients have OTP activated. 

Due to the problem that copy and paste is not working for Mac Users we have disabled the OTP for these clients (due password lenght and complexity it is not comfortable). 

To avoid an unauthorized VPN Login we would like to disable the download "Configuration for IPsec VPN client for Apple iOS" because the pre-shared key is shared there.  

Any solution for this? 

Thanks and regards
  • Hi Philipp Marx,

    There is no option to disable the download option for "Configuration for IPsec VPN client for Apple iOS" from UserPortal. 

    The only way to remove that option from UserPortal is to remove the user from the Sophos Connect Client Allowed users configuration. 

    I doubt that Preshared key is stored in plain text.