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I have a new one of SG 105 I need to change firmware to XG , how ?

  • Mohamed,

    first of all, welcome to Sophos Community. Since the title is not so descriptive, please change it to something that reflects the issue you have.


    SG105 does not support v18, natively, so you need to install XG as SW version on it. Wipe all the partitions on the current SG and then install XG SW version (Not HW ISO).


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    Thanks for your replay

    By mistake Iam buying Sophos SG105 , but I need XG105

    My question how I can change software and firmware from SG105 to XG105


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    XG105 is not supported on v18. You have 3 options:

    • install XG v17.5.9 HW version and buy license for it
    • install XG v17.5.9 SW version and load the home license (if you are using it at home) or the SW license
    • install XG v18 SW version and load the home license or SW license

    Hope this helps.