STAS Live Users

Hey guys,


Once again I am here with issues with STAS :-(

Today I have a few users complaining about websites not working etc - when I check STAS live users on the DC I can see them present and there.


If I go into the XG / Current Activities / live users - they are not there.


This is only on a handful of users and only started today - many other users are fine.

I can confirm WMI to the Workstation is fine and that the DC is talking to the XG as evident by many other users logged on today.

Running STAS


None of the items in:  are applicable to the user.

I really hope STAS in v18 is better than v17 as most of my time is spent working out why STAS decided not to work today :-(


Any suggestions?

  • Hi  

    Could you please check Log Viewer for authentication logs and sort the users and share the message you are getting?

  • I have the same problem on XG550 SFOS v17.5.9 MR9 , All of a sudden STAS stopped working, prior MR9 we did not have this problem. 

    I have created case with Sophos support.

  • In reply to lukg:

    Same issue here been ongoing since day one.  Using XG750's at multiple sites, 20000 users, only some users effected.  Our issues seem to be users who move around a lot with laptops etc, fixed users seem ok (ish) most of the time, check DNS matches correct records in forward and reverse lookupzones against dhcp.  I seen at times when a user logs in its 10 mins or so before it kicks in and works, to get around this we created rules at the bottom that allow un authenticated users so if any dont match the correct domaoin group at leats they can get basic access until it kicks in. 

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    Is the logoff detection enabled and configured?

  • In reply to lferrara:

    Always recommend this WMI approach of STAS.