Retirement Village WIFI

Hi All,

A request for a Retirement Village has come across my desk and I thought it would be interesting to see if others have accomplished what I would like to do.

The Request:

We have 24 rooms spread across 3 buildings.

We would like to have 2 wired Ethernet points (1 with POE) in each room.

All rooms would also like to access WIFI.


The Village have said that all rooms are double bricked, hence WIFI signals don't propagate very well in the buildings and there may be a requirement to have an AP in every room. I haven't tested this, but hope to do a site visit soon.

All pretty simple? Well, not really. We are looking at various implementations, but the one that appears to be the best at the moment is:

VLAN for each room.

1 SSID for all residences in the village. (There may be others like Guest, Management etc)

When an occupant joins the WIFI there login information should be used to assign there connection to the VLAN that is assigned to their room.

This way they all the wired and wireless devices in there room can talk to each other, but they cannot talk to the devices in the next room.


So, I have been looking at various APs and what they can do. I have found that having one SSID per room (whilst easy to do) means that 24 SSIDs need to be set up. This introduces many issues including network overheads with each SSID and worst of all, it is pretty hard to find an AP that will support 24 SSIDs.

Hence, 1 SSID for the Village with the ability to assign a particular connection to a particular VLAN using the login information would be great.

Has anyone found if this can actually be done? Note, we may not be using Sophos APs - the Ubiquiti Wall Mount APs are cheap and seem to have all the physical interfaces we need - 1 incoming POE connection, 1 outgoing POE connection and 1 non-POE Outgoing connection, all in a wall mount box the size of a light switch.

If I am in the wrong forum, please point me to the correct one.