Use LDAP for Authentication at an Active Directory Environment

Hey there,

We want to use our Active Directory UPN to authenticate at our XG. 

I already learned that the "Active Directry" authentication will only look for the samaccount name. 

So I decided to use LDAP authentication and it works without any problem except that any user can login at the xg?

How can I restrict the access to xg with a group from our AD? I think that i misinterpreted the groupname attribut...

Please have a look at the screenshot.


    You may try with memberOf attribute for "Group name attribute" and that will help to set the user membership with same group on LDAP and XG both if the user group is present on XG as well.

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    Hey Vishal, 

    Thanks for your response, I set the attribute to "memberOf" but where can I choose which group has access? 

    If I use AD authentication, I can simply choose a group, but not so at LDAP. 

    It seems like, there is a missing field?

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    Push... Nobody got an idea?

    Ok I found it, simply have to change the Domain Name to the desired UPN and it will work with the Active Directory Authentication. 

    Sorry, my bad. Problem Solved