Importing users with CSV file

 Hi guys,

I have a scenario where Sophos XG is installed in a college hostel. What is the best and easiest way that i can create/automate creation of the captive portal UserID and Password for the particular user. We have a complete list of email IDs of all the students in the hostel.

Currently what I have suggested is that they import a CSV file ( and upload the same. But they would then have to mail the individual user with their username and password. Is this the best method or is there a better solution out there ?

Is it possible to have a forgot password link where user will get a password reset option?

  • Basically you have to chose between Backend Authenticated or not.

    If you use any kind of authentication like STAS etc. the user will be automatically created and synced (without password of course). 


    Local created user a messy in case of administration, if you have a Backend. 

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    Hi Lucar, unfortuantely there is no backend authenticated system like Active directory etc.

    So in this case I have to create users manually and set the passwords myself am i right ?

  • Hi  

    You may try an alternate workaround.

    Please navigate to Authentication >> User >> Click on export, It will download the CSV file with pre-added data fields for each column. Change "Enc_password" tab to "password" and keep the remaining column name as it is.

    You can add data entry of the user in the file and can import the file, you can keep the password same for each user and ask them to change at first login to captive portal.

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    Hi this is what I thought about too, but this way anyone can login to any users account and change their password just to play mischief.