Problem with creating User account with administrator rights.

Hi to All Sophos Enthusiasts,


I have an issue with my Sophos XG Firewall. When I tried to create a user and giving it administrator rights it was working. The problem is when I tried to access the logs it warns me that I have no privilege to access the said operation. Can i ask anyone here what I am doing wrong? Below are some screenshots

Here is the Log Viewer I need to access.

Here are the access rights I created for the said user.

Here is the error I encountered.





  • Hi Rodney,

    Can you please check if the Log Viewer has Readonly access for the user account? As shown in this image.

  • In reply to Jaydeep:

    Hi Jaydeep,


    Sorry for the late response, was very busy. I was able to isolate the problem with your help. I rechecked the access rights and there it is. Now working.


    Thanks again!