Sophos Technical support on Telephone : Drastic Improvement required.

We have noticed a very disturbing fact about telephonic support from Sophos. We are located in India.


You can log a case on web. You get an email with case ID.

But for hours together there is no call back from tech support. If you try to followup on telephone, you are put on hold for a very long time.

Today in my first attempt, I had to be on hold for 53 minutes after which I gave up and disconnected.  In second attempt, another 26 minutes were spent and I am still on hold.

I am getting similar feedbacks from various customers. 


We are business partners of Sophos and have sold quite a few number of devices.  It wont be long before customers stop buying Sophos products specifically for this reason.

It take enormously long time to get support. Today I had to spend over 2 hors in trying to get Sophos support on telephone line and I have still not succeeded.