Login Time Policy for SSL VPN Remote Access


I'm looking for some configuration to specify the time in witch a user can authenticate and so connect using SSL VPN remote access.

For example: a user should be able to connect via SSL VPN remote access from 8:00 to 18:00 and should be denied out of this range.


Any one knows if this is possible!? 

  • Check the option under Authentication you have access time.Create the objects you want. Personally, I create groups for the vpn, and add the users to the groups. All access time I prefer doing in the group.



  • In reply to Hayim Caspy:

    Hi Hayim,

    I tried to use de access time specified inside the group but for me this is not working: in the access time I configured to deny the accesso from the 18:00 to 23:00 but in this hours I succeed to connect the VPN Remote Access with the user inside that group.

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    Maybe the group you created is not associated with the vpn.

    First I want to recomend on  a great manual how to configure ssl vpn.

    In the group you create according to the manual, you can set the time.

    You can create more groups as described in the manual.