Google Chrome Captive Portal Redirection

Hoping someone can shed some light on this issue and provide a possible fix/workaround. The issue is that Sophos is blocking sites that normally should be allowed. When you try to browse to, you get the Sophos block screen. When you try to authenticate manually over port 8090 using the "Logon to this network" button, you are redirected to Chrome's captive portal page stating that "The network you are using may require you to visit its login page." If you click connect, you get another Sophos block screen for In the past, we could go into chrome://flags and disable the "Enable network service" option and this would solve the issue for most sites. It seems that this does not work anymore. This is only affecting users who are on a Citrix shared server with SATC running. For PC users, this isn't an issue. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what did you do to fix it? I'm really not sure if this is a Sophos issue or a Google Chrome issue. Thanks. 

  • Captive Portal should not work for SATC (Citrix) Session.
    Simply because the Citrix Server has only one IP and Captive Portal is a authentication for IP to User mapping. 

    There is a issue with Chrome and SATC.

    Check out this:

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    Yes, I have seen this before and like I mentioned, the workaround of disabling the "enable network service" settings in chrome://flags used to fix the issue for the majority of sites. Now, disabling this setting has no effect.

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    Would suggest to open a Support Case. Maybe the Flag is not set properly or something else. 

    As far as i know, this should resolve this issue.

    But if you have the same issue and the workaround does not work, you should contact the support to check your setup.

    Maybe the workaround is not valid anymore.