i want to enable the remote access for the XG

i am working on configuring XG to replace our UTM 9

i can remote in ti the UTM using SSL authentication for a VPN address pool

i saw this now on the XG and i guess i need to check the box for VPN/HTTPS and VPN/SSL VPN to be able to remote into the web portal 

and i need to configure a VPN address pool and add a firewall rule for this


please correct me if am wrong 


  • Leo,

    You need to check WAN/SSL VPN. You can also check WAN/User Portal so that your users can connect to the User Portal from the internet and download their SSL VPN client and configuration.

    No need to check VPN/HTTPS unless you need to allow access to the Admin web portal from the VPN zone.

    VPN/SSL VPN can't be checked (it's greyed out).

    You can check VPN/PING and/or VPN/DNS if you require these from the VPN zone.

    You don't need to configure an SSL VPN address pool: the XG has a pre-configured pool. But you can change it if you want to.

    You need a firewall rule.

    This document explains in detail all the steps: https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/122769

    Good luck!

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    thanks a lot!