Can XG Captive Portal Support ALl Mobile devices Android & IOS

Hi Sophos Members,

checking with expert does All mobile support the Captive Portal in XG? 

PC & Laptop via browser no problem (Error) insert SSL Certificate.

So how about Mobile or tablet.

  • Can you give us more insight on this request? 

  • In reply to LuCar Toni:

    sure can....usually Captive portal is https and first time user will have certification error and click add/ advance proceed page to continue to view the login page.

    So we can download the SSL certificate from XG and import into Windows or Mac OS browser (Chrome,Firefox, IE, EDGE and etc) to avoid the certificate error.

    So how about mobile devices? how to avoid the certification error. (assume this is public WiFi)

  • In reply to Dennis Kho:

    Why do you dont use any public signed certificate in the first place?