SSO for SSLVPN users



I have many remote users that should use SSLVPN for access resources on Office's local network.

They are employees at home office or services people. And, the hosts are not in Domain.

I'm wondering if they could to use SSO to authentication?


Is possible using SSO for these users? How can I do this?


We have two XG230 on a HA Active/Passive deployment (SFOS 17.5.3 MR-3)



  • Hi  

    Just to confirm, you'd like to know how to allow non-domain users to be authenticated when using remote access SSL VPN?

    In this case, you would have to define these users locally on the XG and choose local authentication when you choosing the Authentication Service. They will also need this for access to the User Portal to d/l the VPN client.

    Please follow this KB article for full details.


  • In reply to Karlos:

    Hello Karlos


    Thanks for your answer.


    SSLVPN is configured already like the suggested KB. What they want is the users authenticating without the needed of putting user/pass when the user try to connect to VPN.


    Is it possible for non-domain users? And how I do it for domain users?


    Best regards.

  • In reply to Distny:


    Thanks for clarifying.

    Unfortunately, that is not possible. Also it would not be recommended for VPN use as it typically allows access to your LAN network and needs to be secure.

    Users will need to type in their username/password when connecting with the VPN client to be authenticated against either an authentication server or locally on the firewall.

    Sorry for the confusion.