Pass user parameter to http bookmark

Hi everybody!

Every user in our office will have access to their client portal where they can connect to their PC in remote desktop.

The problem is that by policy all the pc goes to sleep after 30 minutes! With Node Red I'm creating a websocket that, when called, send the magic packet (WOL) to a pc.

Now the problem: to avoit to create a webpage for every user, is there a way to know which user is connecting to my webpage? Does Sophos send some user information?

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     Could you provide us some insight on your connection layout? Does the traffic of this magic IP goes through the firewall? Is this connection web based or application based? If application based you can add a application filter on the firewall rule where the traffic is traversed through and you can see the users(if authenticated on Firewall) their traffic on that IP/port number.

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    Hi Aditya,

    the connection is simple: WAN (where the users connect to the user portal) and LAN where all the PCs are.
    The WOL packet need to go to the LAN, but since I'm sending it with "Node Red", it does not take place here.
    From the user portal I've created a HTTP bookmark that point to an internal web server (Node Red) HTTP://
    I need the user portal to pass to the web server some info about the user that is visiting the URL HTTP:// so I can know whick PC to turn on.



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    If you wish to check the users who have accessed the Clientless access then you may check them in Log Viewer of recent logins or Reports> VPN> Clientless access for that day. 

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    Maybe I didn't express myself very well.

    I need to receive information about the person that is visiting the webserver (bookmarked, HTTP:// live, through GET or POST variables.
    Is this possible?

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    Hello ,

    At the moment no, you could configure the Syslog server and integrate it with Sophos XG to gather the events from the firewall and filter them using SSL VPN component. On the firewall, the log level is set as information which does not provide specifics on your need and would turn on debug which is only meant for troubleshooting only.