Service SSOD stopped in Sophos XG17.5.1

I noticed that the service "ssod" gets stopped after the Sophos XG 17.5 MR1 is running for a while.

I didn't notice that before updating to 17.5 MR1 and it didn't happen with 17.5 GA.

Anyone also experiencing this?

This Sophos XG is managed by Sophos Central.

  • Hello Bjoern,

    There was an issue on 17.5 GA and was fixed in 17.5 MR-1, there is a an ongoing issue when the device is in HA and the fix is scheduled on MR-3.

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    thank you for your Reply.

    Why is the service stopped when there was an issue in 17.5 GA and it was fixed?
    Thi issue first happened with 17.5 MR-1 in my case and is still active.

    My Sophos XG is also not running in HA mode.

    Thank you in Advance.

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    Hello Bjoern,

    We did not seen this issue on our end.  Let us know if you encounter the same on the current firmeware.

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    There is no more current Firmware than 17.5 MR-1 atm.

    I did not have this issue with 17.5 GA

    It first appeared with 17.5 MR-1

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    Hello Bjoern ,

    I would recomment to open a service request with Sophos Support and share the case ID via private message with the reference with this thread.

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    Hi there,

    I was unable to successfully open a support case with Support, because the machine it is installed on uses a Home Use License.
    So I'm unable to participate in troubleshooting a possible bug, because I don't have it installed 17.5 MR-1 on production license now.

    It's sad someone uses his time to troubleshoot possible bugs for Sophos and doesn't get assisted by Sophos in doing so...

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    Hello ,


    does this mean that I should not install 17.5.1 when HA is active?

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    The issue with HA is only affecting Sophos XG Management through Sophos Central.
    This issue is also present in Sophos XG 17.5 GA.

    The problem is, that with this issue a Sophos XG 17.5 GA or 17.5 MR-1 can't be managed through Sophos Central.
    It isn't affecting anything else in HA Setup.

  • I'm facing the same problem on 17.5.0 GA in HA active-passive mode


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    Sophos XG 17.5 MR-3 which should fix this is scheduled for 10th Febuary 2019.


    On Topic:

    ssod Service is stopped about 10 minutes after it's started. It reports:

    Feb 04 16:24:26.647 err [0000004146730752] Wait for channel failed. Channel not found
    Feb 04 16:24:26.647 err [0000004146730752] Failed to accept connection from listener: Connection reset by peer
    Feb 04 16:24:33.293 *****************************
    Feb 04 16:24:33.293 ssod stopped
    Feb 04 16:24:33.293 *****************************

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    I also have the problem with the firmware 17.5.3 on my XG105 and the software version.

    Now I test the stability without syncing with the Central platform.




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    ssod still stopping on 17.5 MR3. ssod.log records the following:

    Feb 19 13:48:57.742 *****************************                               
    Feb 19 13:48:57.742 Starting ssod                                               
    Feb 19 13:48:57.742 *****************************                               
    Feb 19 13:59:01.897 err [0000004147025664] Wait for channel failed. Channel not found                                                                           
    Feb 19 13:59:01.897 err [0000004147025664] Failed to accept connection from listener: Connection reset by peer                                                  
    Feb 19 14:09:15.901 err [0000004147025664] Wait for channel failed. Channel not found                                                                           
    Feb 19 14:09:15.901 err [0000004147025664] Failed to accept connection from listener: Connection reset by peer                                                  
    Feb 19 14:09:28.388 *****************************                               
    Feb 19 14:09:28.388 ssod stopped                                                
    Feb 19 14:09:28.388 *****************************                               
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    I've also noticed this on 17.5 MR3 and the service seems to always stop when I sign out from Sophos Central firewall management.

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    Hello , 

    We have checked and found that the service is meant to stop after a failed connection with Sophos Central console. If the connection did not establish then the service would  restart and would attempt to connect again. 

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    Strange thing is, that it's connected to Sophos Central but the service is stopped.