BGP Basic Routing Question



try to build up my first solution with BGP and a I´m bit sad … some Things dont work.



Sophos XG as Gateway Firewall.

2 BGP Partner .. 2 Public Networks to announce. an 20 VLAN with private Networks behind the XG.


What ist working …

I got the BGP Working, i createt some dnat rules to bring the traffic from the local Network into the Internet.


What don´t work.

I can not Register the Sohos XG .. because it has no WAN Interface. ( ? )

I have build all as LAN Interfaces ..the 2 BGP Interfaces and the "real" Lan Interface.

If i want to Register the Sophos says .. "Register Server is not reachable".

I can also not ping a host into the Internet from Diagnosis of the XG.

From a Client with a privat IP that goes over the DNAT Rule .. everything works fine with Internet an ping.


I think the is a Basic "Default Route" missing .. but how can i set a Default route with BGP because i have no WAN Interface and only

virtual 2 Networks with public IP´s .


Is is necessary to set one of the physical Interfaces with a IP from the Public Pool ?

My Public Pool ist 195.37.XX.0/23  .. 

My old Cisco Router had on one interface the IP 195.37.XX.1  and our Layer 3 Switch which terminated the VLANS had this IP as the Default route.

Now i want to terminate all VLAN´s on the Sophos XG .. ( it works) but how can i bring the public Network inside,

because we have some devices in our Network that Need a IP from the Public Pool (195.37.XX.0/23)


If you understand my litlle confuse Questions .. im very happy for every tip.