Sophos Central Firewall Manager (CFM) Maintenance Release

We’ve upgraded the Sophos Central Firewall Manager (CFM) with the maintenance release. This update contains fixes for a number of open issues.



Maintenance Update


Compatible SFOS versions

This Sophos Central Firewall Manager maintenance release supports Firewalls running on the following Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) versions:

  • SFOS 15.01.0 (GA release - Build 376)
  • SFOS 15.01.0 MR-1.1 (Build 407)
  • SFOS 15.01.0 MR-2 (Build 418)
  • SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 (Build 447)
  • SFOS 16.01.0 (Build 144)
  • SFOS 16.01.0 (Build 167)  
  • SFOS 16.01.1 (Build 202)


Bug Fixes

Device Configuration

  • Adding an IPS policy at device level in CFM displays a loading error when SFOS devices are in HA. - NCCC-3550
  • Page gets frozen on applying status change after the list of policies are filtered or sorted e.g. Wireless Networks, SSL VPN. - NCCC-3087



  • Unable to clone a template having dynamic host in network rule under policies. - NCCC-2332
  • Default Device Access Profiles are missing in Template. - NCCC-3088
  • Custom IPS signature(s) selected using ‘individual signature selection’ option in an IPS policy get deselected when the template is cloned - NCCC-2929


Device Management Settings

  • Applicable Device list on firmware upgrade page displays the devices only after the page is refreshed. - NCCC-2980
  • Device displays ‘Disconnected’ status after compatibility is downloaded for respective device, until one logs in again on CFM. - NCCC-1636


Monitoring & Alerts

  • Time of events (e.g. alerts, schedule, logs) in CFM differ by an hour when time zone is set to a Daylight Savings time. - NCCC-3927



Please provide feedback and discuss this release or other aspects of the product with fellow community members and Sophos staff here on the forums. Please indicate the version you are using to enable everyone to better assist you.

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