Sophos Central Firewall Manager (CFM) Maintenance Release

We’ve upgraded the Sophos Central Firewall Manager (CFM) with the maintenance release. This update contains fixes for a number of open issues.


Maintenance Update


Compatible SF-OS versions

This Sophos Central Firewall Manager maintenance release supports Firewalls running on the following Sophos Firewall OS (SF-OS) versions:

  • SFOS 15.01.0 (GA release - Build 376)
  • SFOS 15.01.0 MR-1.1 (Build 407)
  • SFOS 15.01.0 MR-2 (Build 418)
  • SFOS 15.01.0 MR-3 (Build 447)

Note: Sophos Central Firewall Manager does not allow to manage Demo, Evaluation devices or Firewall trials.

Bug Fixes

Device Management Settings

  • Multiple ‘Failure to add compatibility’ warnings displayed even after the compatibility is added. - NCCC-2891

Device Configuration

  • Policies created manually in a custom group do not appear at group level in CFM. - NCCC-3448

Monitoring & Alerts

  • Clicking Alert icon on CFM dashboard does not load the page when multiple alert profiles are configured.- NCCC-3584
  • Security, Resource and License graphs are not generated properly when CFM and managed Firewalls are in different time zones. - NCCC-3304

Account Management

  • Account synchronization fails when the Partner Device account name is more than 60 character in length. - NCCC-3585
  • Accept primary administrator changes on Sophos Partner Portal and Sophos Central for Partners. - NCCC-3070


  • Sequence of Application filter policy and policy criteria in CFM changes on creating a Template using import device configuration. - NCCC-3023
  • Managed Firewall goes out of sync when a template from CFM is pushed on a Firewall with DHCP Server configured. - NCCC-1472


Please provide feedback and discuss this release or other aspects of the product with fellow community members and Sophos staff here on the forums. Please indicate the version you are using to enable everyone to better assist you.

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