Sophos Connect 1.1 EAP MR1 Released

Hi XG Community!

We're pleased to announce the release of Sophos Connect EAP 1.1 MR1 (
The VPN Client is now available from within the WebAdmin of your XG Firewall (see KBA 133109).

A feature is not working as expected? You have found a bug?

Sophos Connect EAP is now officially supported starting with this version. Please contact Sophos Support if you experience any issues.

We have also created this new community group for Sophos Connect discussion.

Issues Resolved

  • NC-41387 [Remote Access] DNS server is not assigned to the Sophos TAP adapter after tunnel is established on Windows
  • For who?  Which version of XG?  I have nothing about Sophos Connect. Is this a 17.5 thing?

  • Hey DedJas - Yes SC came with the v17.5 update.

  • Is it planned for your client to support sign in before login (SBL) like cisco anyconnect does?

  • We cant use Sophos Connect in some cases. In fact when u use tcpview (Sysinternals) you see that by clicking "Connect" in Sophos Connect the VPN Client try to check internet connection first by connecting (http) to facebook or twitter or google servers (which mostly are available). But in cases where those websites are blocked the vpn client cant reach them and trows error message "No Internet Connection" and doesn't try to connect to our server. Please evaluate this, this is very bad implementation of checking internet connection, which is totaly not necessary. i can provide screenshots of connections i described above.