Central Management 2019.30 Released

Hi XG Community!

We've released Central Management 2019.30 for Sophos Central.

What's New in Central Management 2019.30

  • Firmware management for managed firewalls
    Keeping your firewalls up-to-date, easier than ever! Sophos central will now show you when new firmware is available for any of your managed firewalls, and each one can be upgraded immediately, with a single click.

Issues Resolved in Central Management 2019.30

  • NR-1949 [Central] Alerts for firmware upgrade notification
  • NR-2074 Proxy validation form and FE issue that related to IP addresses and port
  • NR-2075 Firmware upgrade support on the base of firewall version
  • NR-2082 Backups are disappearing and re-appearing in the backups list when pin or generate actions are happening
  • NR-2128 [Backup] Device list enhancemen
  • NR-2140 No subsequent backups appear on UI after 5 backups are generated
  • NR-2141 Change the display of backups in the list with the latest on top
  • NR-2161 Display 6 backups overall: 5 latest in the list + 1 pinned if user has 6 or more backups
  • NR-2170 [Backups] 6 backups are displayed
  • NR-2171 [Backups] Backups popup notifications are missing
  • Having learn not to be too picky, we gonna take all good news coming from Sophos.

  • Firmware Update only works with XG V17.5 MR7 to MRx.

    So actually you need MR7 to use this feature and currently there is no MR8.

    Just to be sure, in Case you start looking for this feature right now :)

    Older Firmware Version (MR5 for example) displays a alert, only MR7 and above is supported to Upgrade via CM.