sophos web appliance blocked request unable to verify certificate...HELP

hello all

hoping you can help. We are currently trying out the Sophos web appliance and have run into an issue that I don't seem to be able to sort. 

When going to a particular https site we get the message below but can go to other https sites without any trouble:

Any help would be most welcome

  • Hi  

    I’ve checked that URL against SSL Shopper and it verified that that site’s cert is untrusted in all browsers. It seems like this site’s certificate chain is broken. If you would like to go ahead and proceed to that page and you have https scanning enabled, you may add it as an exception under Configuration > Global Policy > HTTPS Scanning > Sites exempt from HTTPS scanning > Add

    Alternatively, you can add this site’s certificate to your appliance so it will trust it. But this option may still fail if cert is broken. Please refer to the SWA help doc for instructions on how to do this: Adding a Certificate from a Web Site <


  • In reply to Karlos:

    brilliant, thanks for your help