Does SOPHOS leak your IP address when even when using a VPN?


I'm just wondering: when SOPHOS is downloading updates or doing whatever it does when the arrow of its icon starts moving, (versus merely displaying the capital letter S), does it also leak your IP address? I suppose I could go to a ''check your IP address'' site and test it, but oftentimes I see the SOPHOS icon's arrow appear and start moving to indicate that it is preparing to download an update or maybe simply connecting with the site or whatever, and it made me realize that such could actually possibly leak one's IP. Not a biggy but for some people it well could be. I have friends from Iran for example and last year when I was in Dubai, my VPN was totally blocked, they wouldn't even allow the VPN to be used in their country. So, important indeed to know as it could be a matter of life or death for some people. Also, if using things like Netflix from another country and SOPHOS reveals your IP address in spite of your VPN, that could also complicate things.

I know that the navigator has to have Javascript disabled as well as a few other give-aways for your VPN to be as effective as possible, but my quesiton is more for when those steps are already taken.


  • The short answer is .. not by default.. the applaince will not add X-headers or similar information that would "post" your internal IP address.  However in terms of disabling JS and such, that would be to attempt to thwart a malicious program that may for example export the output of ipconfig /all .. or similar information via a "post" to a site.

    The appliance will scan traffic for malicious information however it does not alter it.

    as for limiting vpn traffic that is also possible, the content would be encrypted but they may also still be able to see where it is coming from and going to.