Web Appliance translate Notification Pages

How to translate Notofocation pages to not supported Language.

I expect notofication language is selected by user browser default Language and English is default. But I have users with native language English, German, Polish and Czech.

Is there way how to add another languages?



  • You can set the language of the notification page under Configuration > Accounts > Notification Page Options > Choose Language. 

    However this is a global setting for all templates, you cannot have some templates in English and others in German. 


    However you could achieve this by having 2 or more appliances in explicit mode, one set to use German, the other set to English. Point the German users browsers at the German proxy and they will see all templates in German.

    The disadvantage would be that this now requires the admin to look after multiple boxes, using a management appliance would use one global setting. 


    If this is a feature you would like please add it to our ideas page - https://ideas.sophos.com/forums/143211-secure-web-gateway/category/38299-web-appliance 


  • In the Web Appliance, go to Configuration, Accounts, Notification Page Options.
    You will see the supported languages for the end user pages in the drop down on the right.  The web appliance will use the browser's requested language (you can configure this in the browser) to determine what language to display.  Defaults to English if it is not a supported language.

    If you want, you can edit the "English" text to include multiple languages, all would be displayed when someone hits the English page.

    However if you have good HTML skills, you can go to the Advanced tab and upload your own HTML templates for block pages and do whatever language detection and display you want.