Make .exe download available

Hi,i'm using Sophos Management Aplliance v and i'm trying to make .exe files available only for one specific site.

Is it possible without modifying Default Policy or an Additional Policies?



  • The way I would try this is tag the site under local configuration- group policy- local site list.

    Then create an additional policy that allows exe under download type from that tag.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    So i have to add users to this additional policy, that i want to be enabled to download exe file from a site?

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    no under the local site list click add site, enter the url and then add a tag.

    Then go to the additional policies and create a new policy, you can add users if you only want o allow certain people to download exe under select users, then go to download type and allow executable's . Then under the tags enter the tag you entered for the local site list and add.

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    So if i don't add users the policy is valid for all users of my company?