Secure Web Appliance VS XG Firewall for Web security

Anyone use XG firewall to replace the web appliance I was told the XG is the replacement for straight up web filtering . any feedback helps  

  • the SWA is a full featured industrial grade web proxy .. thats all it does in life.. the firewall products "can" filter web traffic.. but they do a bunch of other stuff.. 

    It totally depends on your use case .. if you have 10 users in a small buisness firewall filtering is fine in most cases .. if you have say 10-100 users, you could get a 200-300 series and be fine.


    If you have hundreds/thousands of users and need dedicated web filtering with all of the advanced filtering features, then the swa is king.


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    Few hundred users web-filter only is what we need.  I a being told the XG firewall has all the functions as the web appliance plus more.  Is it true they are planning to replace the web appliance with the XG ? 

    any updates would help. I am trying to convert from our current web appliance to the XG for web filtering it seems wrong ? 

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    unfortuntally I can only offer a wishywashy oppinion.. 

    I think they are both great products... (with a couple hundred users, either will work fine)  if your already using swa and like it.. and dont need to replace it or upgrade/replace a firewall.. then I would probally stick with the swa..  as for EOL.. The swa has a roadmap and I am not aware of any plan to retire it.  However that been said the roadmap for XG is much more agressive and includes many features.. including webfiltering.


    best thing I could suggest is to contact your account manager and get a trial for the XG, set it up in proxy mode and test it out.. Then you can make the best decion for your usecase.