[BUG] SG310 rev.2 Cluster Update



i know the beta test ends, but we have a big problems where we installed the hole enviorment for a woldwird customer in our office and in this case we find a bug in prodution version. 

If you have a SG310 rev.2 (brand new from stock on firmware 9.5) and you configure the cluster (active passiv in our case) and you make a upgrade to 9.6, the slave will not boot up.

In this case you see on the monitor only grup prompt and nothing more. You have to reimage the slave box. 

This is not very useable in case of remote upgrade clusters. 

Another bug in the SG310 rev2. is that this box dont boot automately from the USB CD/DVD Rom drive. Its configured in the bios and only the boot menu will bring the installation process to start. The next thing to case is the less power in the front connectors, in the installation the mount will go away if you don't connect the USB drive at the back of the UTM, on the front connector the power is to less for install it completly, i think we should get a bios upgrade for fix this issue. 


best regards