Just updated to Beta2 9.580 - Let's Encrypt is missing


I just updated my firewall to Beta2 from 9.5.10 but Let's Encrypt settings are missing at all.

I checked WAF -> Cert Management -> Adv.  nothing there ;-(

Has anybody seen this behavior before?



  • I just went to look at mine and it was missing, but the second time I signed into the Web Admin it was back...

  • In reply to Dlabun:

    I rebooted my machine and logged in several times no change of the behavior 

  • Just to rule out a failed update: Under Management / Up2Date / Overview you see the correct version?

    Current firmware version: 9.580-7

    Do you see any other new 9.6 features? E.g. WAF page customization (Webserver Protection / Customization / Themes) or manual Sandstorm submission (Advanced Protection / Sophos Sandstorm / Overview / Sample File Analysis with Sandstorm)?

    And since a Beta user found a permissions problem in another thread: You're accessing WebAmin with full admin rights?