[9.570] Sandstorm activity reporting


don't know if it is intended but my counters for the sandstorm activity show nothing bute the RRD-graphics show events:

Shouldn't this show equal values?


  • It should be reporting the same numbers - within some tolerance (where they get their data, the time intervals, and how often they refresh). 

    We know from customer reports before that the top counters were problematic - which is part of the reason we built the new graphs.  However in testing we never saw this.  It looks like there is definitely something wrong, most likely in the top counters - which have not had any code change.

    I am going to try to reproduce here, but as I said, this was not seen in testing.  Is it possible to get access to your box?  Please PM me.

  • In reply to Michael Dunn:

    Confirmed there is an issue with new sandstorm email graphs re-reporting old data.

  • In reply to Michael Dunn:

    Confirmed that this will be resolved before 9.6 is GA.