WAF Customization - Manual, template download?

Is there any manual how to use the WAf customization feature?

For the form templates it was possible to download the default template as a reference, afair.

  • Unfortunately the manual isn't finalized yet, so it is not available as part of the usual online help as of now. It will be available in time for the general availability release.

    Yet we acknowledge that using the WAF customization feature is hard without any documentation of what you could do within the HTML templates. Hence we decided to publish some preliminary documentation of the error page customization here in the community forum. Please read on in the WAF Error Page Customization post.

    Sorry for not answering earlier.

  • In reply to mle:

    Thanks, that's what I was looking for.

    I could reuse my already existing login form template with some adjustments.

    Tested it with failed login, works good.

  • In reply to scorpionking:

    Could you explain to me what you did if user has login problems?

    Thank's in advance