115w - do these actually work?

Set up our first 115w today and ran into problems when we got to enabling wireless.  A guest network set up in a separate zone worked fine, but trying to set up another network that will share the main LAN appears to be impossible.  Choosing "bridge with AP LAN" results in being unable to check the box to assign the network to the access point.

Called support and their less-than-impressive response was "umm I don't think it should do that but I don't really know and let me escalate this and someone will reach out in a few hours" but of course no one has.

Anyone know if there is a bug that prevents this from working the way it's supposed to on these new integrated boxes?


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    What boxes do you have ticked in the AP advanced settings?

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    No time to even go into the fact the Sophos broke the Internal AP in SG1x5w products from even functioning in the 9.5 firmware update in Bridge to AP LAN mode since the they have since fixed it. (It did take 5 weeks #fail)

    I am reviving this thread to ask 1 question that I can't find and answer to anywhere:

    Does the Rev 2. Hardware for SG1x5w and XG 1x5w have two radios now? Or are these products still be deceptively marketed as 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz when in reality it's still 1 or the other?

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    Honestly why does sophos break *** every other release?  So frustrating.

    I stupidly deployed a 105w on 9.503 and of course the integrated wifi is blown to **** again.  Can't see the ssids at all.

    Is there any workaround or are we going to have to deploy an AP again?  Such a waste of hardware for smaller sites.

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    Can you try this: 





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    This was published recently:





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    ...since the they have since fixed it. (It did take 5 weeks #fail)

    What fix? I am running 9.505-4 and the wifi still fails almost every day. Because that I am running an AP50 beneath the UTM.




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    Precisely Dino!

    9.504 Doesn't fix the issue.

    9.505 Doesn't fix the issues either but should still be applied because it contains the security fix for the major Wi-Fi security vulnerability known as KRACK.