Unifi APs on Sophos UTM and HP Procurve Switches


i want to implement an Unifii AP-AC Pro in my network environment and get stuck to get it working.

Controller and AP are in the same network (10.10.0.xxx, vlan 10) and i can access the AP from the Unifi Software.

 The UTM is on the same vlan 10


I created an interface on the UTM with the ip-address linked to a vlan id 201, an dhcp server that should deploy IPs from to and a masquerading rule to the modem interface.


Then, i went over to the Unifi configuration and created a wireless network "Guest"  and ticked the option vlan to vlan id 201.


At least i configured the switch:

Switch 2 Port d16 -> there is the ap connected -> set as trunk port == trk16

Switch 1 Port A21 - > there is the UTM connected -> set as trunk port trk21

trk1 on both switches are for the uplink to the other switch

vlan 201 -> vlan-Unifi


switch 2 trk16 -> tagged vlan 201, untagged vlan 10 

switch 2 trk1 -> tagged vlan 201,  vlan 10


switch 1 trk21 -> tagged vlan 201

switch1 trk1 -> tagged vlan 201, vlan 10


i don`t get an ip address when i try to connect a wireless device to the broadcasted wifi network via dhcp.

When i set a static ip address i am connected to the AP but i can`t access anything.


So i think there is still something wrong with the switch configuration but i can`t figure it out.

Maybe someone here could help?