Disable AV scanning for certain applications?

I know I can add Exceptions to prevent the AV from running for certain websites (possibly using a REGEX). But there's already an application control definition for what I'd like to exclude.

Is there any way to hook up the app control definition as part of the exception? Alternatively, since I don't want to reinvent the wheel, is there a way to look at how an application in application control is defined to create similar rules for the exception?

  • You might be able to use categories, Mateusz, but what you're asking for isn't available in UTM.  XG should be able to do this.

    Cheers - Bob

  • In reply to BAlfson:

    I added the rules manually (by URL to closely match what I need). I was just asking if there's an easier way if I need something like this in the future.


    Oh well... In the very least is there a way to check the existing categories' rules, or are these super hard-coded and impossible to view?

  • In reply to Mateusz Bender:

    You can use TrustedSource - Check Single URL to see what category a URL is in.  With a free membership, you can check 100 at a time.  This is helpful when someone is moving from a solution that doesn't use categories.

    Cheers - Bob