Help with HTTPS Inspection Error: Read error on the http handler (Input/output error)

I've recently switched to full HTTPS inspection in the Web Filter. Seems to work reasonably well, in that I've only had to make a relative few exceptions to SSL Scanning so far. However, since enabling HTTPS decryption I've noticed regularly occurring entries in my Web Filter log like these:

2015:06:23-22:54:48 utm httpproxy[5307]: id="0003" severity="info" sys="SecureWeb" sub="http" request="(nil)" function="read_request_headers" file="request.c" line="1567" message="Read error on the http handler 141 (Input/output error)"

2015:06:23-22:54:48 utm httpproxy[5307]: id="0003" severity="info" sys="SecureWeb" sub="http" request="(nil)" function="read_request_headers" file="request.c" line="1567" message="Read error on the http handler 123 (Input/output error)"

My question: How can I go about troubleshooting the cause of these errors? I think they could be resolved with an exception to SSL Scanning for some source/destination, but the logs don't give any info regarding that. Everything on my endpoints seem to be working just fine, so no clues there either.

Version = 9.312-8
Proxy Mode = Transparent
Default Authentication = None

  • In reply to J F:

    this error is back. I reset the UTM and did a fresh install and all was working well but after a week or so this problem showed up again and slowly chokes off different websites to where different devices on the network can't communicate outside the network. This problem seems to come on after the UTM runs a while. Any help would be great.