"Unblocked Games" - How to block "Google sites"

I've been asked to block games for some student accounts, which I've been able to achieve through the "games" category in Filter Actions and adding a few individual domains.  What I haven't been able to block are some "unblocked games" sites, especially ones that are on "Google sites" web sites.

If someone could tell me how (if it's possible) to block specific "Google sites" web sites I would be grateful.  I prefer to encourage students to use their time wisely of their own accord, but I've been asked to do what I can to make game sites unavailable.


  • Steve, please show a few lines from the Web Filtering log file where students went to something you want to block.

    Cheers - Bob
  • Trying here to block https://sites.google.com/site/subgfyfs/ and not having much luck.  Tried entering this exact URL in the blacklist for a profile but it's not working.  Policy helpdesk says that 

    Request URL:  https://sites.google.com/site/subgfyfs/ 

    Result:  Allowed

    URL Category:  Personal Pages

    URL Reputation:  Neutral

    Filter Profile:  Elementary Students

    Policy Name:  Base Profile

    I tried denying access to Personal Pages in the Elementary Students but it still goes through.  Base Profile has the site blacklisted.  I'm at a loss.


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    Vincent, please read the post just above yours.

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    Hi and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Please read my post just above Vincent's post.

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  • i'm also looking for the same I want to block the unblocked games Site can you guide me how to do this ?

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    Hi Inder and welcome to the UTM Community!

    Please read my post just above Vincent's post above.  No one can help you without more information.

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    I did follow Vincent's entry and I succeeded

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    Vincent can't even follow Vincent's entry.  Still not working for me.  Bob, I have no idea how to get information from those logs.  That's the worst part about this whole product.  Can't find anything from those logs.  I know the information is probably in there, but I have no idea how to get the information out of the logs to share with you.

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    Vincent, the easiest way is to open WebAdmin, click on 'Web Protection' and then on the   at the top of the page so that you can see the Web Filtering Live Log.  In the 'Filter' box, put part of the URL you want to try and touch enter.  Now try the URL that isn't blocked.  Show us the line where your URL appears and the URL you tried.

    Cheers - Bob

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    Bob, I did as you suggested and found that the Web Filtering Live Log seems to "quit" after a short period of time.  Filtering does not work at all for some reason.  I can type the URL into the Filter box, but the log seems to be outputting whatever it likes in there.  Can't see the URL I'm trying to filter in the log's output.  Is anyone else having this issue?

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    If you don't see it in the Web Filtering log at all, it's not being handled by Web Protection.  What do you learn from doing #1 in Rulz?

    Cheers - Bob

  • I'm going to assume that you are just having a problem with filering the logs, and that the requests are going through the proxy.
    I'm also going to assume that you have HTTPS scanning turned on.  Without HTTPS Scanning the proxy cannot see or block anything to do with paths in the URL.
    I'm going to assume that, because the policy tester said it was Result Allowed that you problem lies in the policy.

    Option 1:
    Go to the Filter Action Elementary Students and Edit it.
    Go to the Websites tab.  Under block these Websites, add a blacklist object.
    Set to Match URLs based on Domain and put the domain in there.
    Option 2:
    Go to Filtering Options, Websites.
    Click New Site.
    Put in the URL sites.google.com/.../
    Overide the category to Games.
    Assuming your policy already blocks Games, this will be blocked automatically.  It also has the benefit of appearing as a blocked game in reports.
    If you want slightly more control, rather than changing the category you can add a tag.  Then in the Filter Actions you can block that tag.  This would be better if the problem isn't really a miscategorization, but something that you want to block even though it is categorized correctly.

    Option 3:
    If you are sure that the URL is a gaming site and that everyone would think so, tell TrustedSource to update their categorization.
    Put in the URL and suggested category.  I think that if you get an account you can actually track status of the recat request.  It can take a few days.
    Option 3 fixes bad categorization it for many customers.  Option 2 fixes bad categorization for yourself.  Option 1 is a force block regardless of category.  I would do them in that preference order.
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    I am unable to block https://unblockedgames66sites.com/ will some body please help me to block this?