Windows 10 WSL/WSL2 behind Sophos UTM Webproxy with authentication by AD Groups

Hi All

 Sophos UTM 7.903 Proxy in Standard Mode Active Directory SSO

we try since weeks to get an ubuntu running as WSL/WL2 in Windows 10 to be able to run apt update or run docker pulls through Sophos UTM proxy. all tries end up in same message we are not authenticated. Does anyone get this case running ? Editing the /etc/apt/apt.conf was until now no solution :-( 

PS: Whitelinstig of the repositories is no solution for us


Thanks for any help or ideas

  • Hi,

    Don't you mean 9.703 instead of 7.903?

    Have you tried creating an identical Web Filtering Profile for the IP of that Win 10 machine with 'Block access on authentication failure' not selected?

    Cheers - Bob