Microsoft surveillance no longer tracked after update

I've been gone on a ski trip and came back to find that the UTM was blocking all kinds of communication to
I've found loads of people on the interwebs complaining and giving details on how to deal with this.


I noticed there were pending updates to my UTM so I upgraded it.

Now I find no information on the tracking data my maching in sending to Microsoft.  I saw that ore than 1 GB of data was uploaded to Microsoft this morning.

After the update, the UTM web logs no longer show this traffic.  I'm curious.


Has anyone looked into this more fully.

It seems to be a remarkable escalation in surveillance activity on Microsoft's part.

At this time in US history, I think it may be needed, as we seem to be overrun with spooks and gangsters.  But I still want this traffic to stop from my computer.


Any thoughts or insights?

  • Hi  

    I've not seen anyone mentioning that here. I know that it's used to track user activity by Microsoft. It might be possible that UTM was blocking this traffic in some manner and your machine kept trying to connect to it. (happens with Microsoft's byte-range requests)

  • Interesting, what did you see (picture?) that made you conclude it was Microsoft surveilling you instead of a bug planted by the Chinese military?

    Cheers - Bob